Would you like to become a DJ? 

It's audition season! Sign up for an audition or come to Aca-Rush to learn about all the University of Michigan groups. 

So what's it like to audition for the DJs?

  • Prepare a verse and chorus of a song of your choice that helps showcase your voice as a whole. Pop, rock, country, jazz, and R&B are all okay. Please do not prepare a classical or musical theater selection. We also welcome rap and vocal percussion in addition to a vocal selection. 

  • You'll be asked to do a short sight-reading exercise 

  • Our music director will lead you through different range and tonal memory exercises. 

  • And that's about it! 

Feel free to reach out with any questions! Auditions can seem really intimidating, but we promise, they're a lot more fun than you think!


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