Would you like to become a DJ? 

It's audition season! Sign up for an audition or come to AcaRush to learn about all the University of Michigan a cappella groups. 


So what's it like to audition for the DJs?

  • We will explore your range, pitch recognition, tonal memory, and sight reading during the audition.  Don't feel like you need to study for this!!  These are more so to help us understand where you are as a musician and what you can provide as a member of the DJs.

  • Be sure to prepare a verse and chorus of a song of your choice that helps showcase your voice as a whole. Pop, rock, country, jazz, and R&B are all okay. Please do not prepare a classical or musical theater selection. We also welcome rap and vocal percussion in addition to a vocal selection. 

  • Since everyone has to be vaccinated in order to come back to campus, we plan on having in person auditions and callbacks.  Auditions will be held Monday, September 6th - Thursday, September 9th.  If you would like to sign up for an audition time slot, be sure to keep an eye out for our time sheet that will be released on Sunday, September 5th.

  • Auditions will take place in room 706 in the Burton Memorial Tower on Central Campus (230 N Ingalls St, right in between the League and Hill Auditorium).  Auditions typically take between 7-10 mins, so please be prepared to be available for that amount of time.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! Auditions can seem really intimidating, but we promise, they're a lot more fun than you think! :)